19 November 2010

First Post

Hi! Welcome to the Crest First blog!

All of us here at CF are super excited to start this project. In reality, all of this started a little over a year ago when Sam, Jeremy and I sat in our room and first started talking soccer. Sitting in that room were two people who had followed soccer for years and one guy who wanted to fit in at college and decided to jump on the bandwagon (I'll give you three guesses which guy I was...and the first two don't count).

Now, a year later, and a whole season of the MLS (or Major League Soccer, the top-tier of American professional soccer) has gone by us. I've grown to love the beautiful game, and have worked hard to study its history and to keep up with current events. Luckily, when I either don't understand something or I simply miss something, I have two great guys I can go to. Sam and Jeremy! There will be several of us writing our opinions about the soccer world.

Here at CF we will definitely be covering the MLS Cup Final between FC Dallas and Colorado Rapids. Then, during the off-season, we'll bring you news and opinions on developments, especially with expansion teams Portland Timbers and Vancouver Whitecaps FC. We'll also be covering stuff over in Europe, mainly controversial topics and our favorite teams (which you can check out at the "About the Authors" page). 'Till then, thanks for visiting!

- Zach

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  1. And yes, they really do mean "crest first"!

    -- the girlfriend.


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