21 November 2010

MLS Cup Final 2010: FC Dallas v. Colorado Rapids

Update: Colorado Rapids are your MLS Champions for 2010! Be on the lookout for my Twitter commentary and a Post-Match report.

Update: My commentary from the match has been posted below. As before, the beginning of the commentary is at the bottom of the post.

Follow my commentary on Twitter, post-game coming tomorrow morning.

 zach_crest1st : @~RapidsSoccer is the #MLS Champion of 2010! Congrats Colorado

 zach_crest1st : Penalty clearly skipped over. Guess it equals out with the one not called in the 1st half

 zach_crest1st : #FCDallas is making Pickens prove himself these last 5'

 zach_crest1st : Pickens with a great save to possibly win this game for the #Rapids

 zach_crest1st : Ferreira gives another effort but Pickens makes another save. 2-1 #Rapids in the 118'

 zach_crest1st : 2nd time Conor Casey has gone head-to-head with a #FCDallas player, both go down.

 zach_crest1st : Best scoring opportunity for #FCDallas to try to equalize but Ihimelu sent it over the bar. #MLSCup

 zach_crest1st : Questioning the reasons behind so many empty seats at a #MLSCup.

 zach_crest1st : Kandji is injured, taken off the field. I guess #Rapids are playing with 10-men

 zach_crest1st : John #14 scores own goal in the 107'. #Rapids 2-1 #FCDallas

 zach_crest1st : I'm cheering for penalties at this point. #MLSCup

 zach_crest1st : This game has exponentially lost my attention. I was definitely focused during the first 90', but I've maybe seen 2 mins of this OT

 zach_crest1st : wouldve been a good ball...had not there been a #Rapids defender actually watching the ball.

 zach_crest1st : #Rapids sub: Kandji in for Cummings

 zach_crest1st : OT has begun. Both teams have 1 sub left

 zach_crest1st : I'd formally like to congratulate the #MLS for getting a game on #ESPN, not just #ESPN2 or online. this trend should continue.

 zach_crest1st : end of regulation. 2 halves of 15 mins coming up. if still level, penalties will decide the MLS Champion

 zach_crest1st : Hey! Those fellas in yellow have cards in their pockets. I almost guarantee one of them is a yellowish card and one is redish. #refisawanker

 zach_crest1st : Rapids sub: Baudet in for Wallace, 91'

 zach_crest1st : #FCDallas free kick 91' with 2 mins of stoppage time

 zach_crest1st : Ref has lost all control of this game. People were on the ground wrestling for a solid 10 secs before the whistle blew

 zach_crest1st : #Rapids sub: Thompson in for Smith 89'

 zach_crest1st : Mastroeni is on the side of the field, we'll see if he comes back

 zach_crest1st : Mastroeni for the #Rapids down in the box injured in the 85'

 zach_crest1st : Casey for #Rapids and Benitez for #FCDallas both booked. Hopefully this will calm both of them down.

 zach_crest1st : Chavez goes down injured, on the side of the field. 82' #MLSCup

 zach_crest1st : good punch by Pickens to keep out yet another #FCDallas set piece

 zach_crest1st : Cummings takes one too many touches and the #Rapids clear it

 zach_crest1st : accurate header by #FCDallas, but Pickens makes the save

 zach_crest1st : Cunningham (F) for Shea (F) #FCDallas

 zach_crest1st : long shot from Hernandez but no where close. goal kick #Rapids #MLSCup

 zach_crest1st : close shave, Hartman makes a spectacular save to keep the #Rapids from taking the lead #MLSCup

 zach_crest1st : free kick #Rapids, goal opportunity

 zach_crest1st : my roommate is convinced Conor Casey is #teenagemutantninjaturtle. The jersey's close enough to red to assume hes Donatelo

 zach_crest1st : #Rapids with another scoring opportunity but Hartman saves another one

 zach_crest1st : #MLSCup #Rapids 1-1 #FCDallas

 zach_crest1st : GOAL #Rapids! Conor Casey gets down on the grass and kicks in a rebound

 zach_crest1st : great attacking position for the #Rapids.

 zach_crest1st : Smith booked for #Rapids foul on McCarty in the 50', looks injured but hes still on the

 zach_crest1st : game back underway

 zach_crest1st : thats HT. seems like a lot of players have been injured/gone down. hopefully the goals will continue to come in the 2nd half. #MLSCup

 zach_crest1st : Casey and another #FCDallas player down in the box, they had some head-to-head contact

 zach_crest1st : About to head into halftime, score is #Rapids 0 - 1 #FCDallas #MLSCup

 zach_crest1st : Wallace for #Rapids gets booked

 zach_crest1st : GOAL #FCDallas!! MLS MVP Ferreira scores in the 35'

 zach_crest1st : Jackson from #FCDallas back on the field after his run-in with Casey

 zach_crest1st : great header attempt from #Rapids, but went wide of the far post

 zach_crest1st : apparently the referee cant see two #FCDallas players molesting Conor Casey in the box.

 zach_crest1st : first referee intervention with Matroeni and a #FCDallas in the 23'

 zach_crest1st : excellent tackle by Moor to stop a #FCDallas attack.

 zach_crest1st : shot on goal by Mullan for #Rapids but is was right at Hartman. #MLSCup

 zach_crest1st : free kick by the #Rapids was so close to a goal, but Kimura couldnt get there. #MLSCup

 zach_crest1st : im not rooting for anyone in particular, but my prediction is a 2+ GD by #FCDallas. im thinking either 2-0 or 3-1.

 zach_crest1st : crazy close first attempt on goal by #FCDallas, this looks like its going to be a entertaining game.

 zach_crest1st : bringing you commentary of the #MLSCup, @~FCDallas vs. @~RapidsSoccer

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