01 December 2010

Confessions of an American Soccer Fan: El Clasico

I am, by no means, an expert on European football. I do know a tad about the English Prem, but outside of that, I really have no experience dealing with other European leagues. I am much more concerned with the MLS as a whole then any other league. But, when the "derby of the world" (ESPN quote, not me) is on TV, I'm gonna tune in. I sat with the rest of the guys and watched Barca open up a train on Real Madrid. I literally had no allegiance to either team, but if I was going to watch the game I wanted one of two things: 1) a really good, close game played out till the end or 2) a "goalfest" by one team that I can easily start cheering for. Now, some of you might think that I'm being a classic American soccer fan and that might be true, but please don't think I'm a snob about that kind of thing. Besides, can you blame me? With no allegiance to either team (or even the league) I would like to think that most people would act the same way I did. But maybe I'm disillusioned.

I really intending on saying something productive, but I think Sam said everything in his post. I guess this is more of the confessions of an American soccer fan.

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