17 December 2010

New Twitter Contest!

Hello Friends!

First off, thanks for a great first month! We've been live in some shape or another for over a month now and its been a fantastic experience. Big shout-out to Jeff J. for some awesome suggestions when it came to our new website design!

Second, we need to get some more followers on Twitter!! So here's what we're going to do. We currently only have 11 followers on Twitter. If we get 50 or more followers by New Years, we'll randomly pick one of our followers and they will get a free Crest First t-shirt! Only requirement: follow us and mention us in a Tweet (preferably advertising for us! Just say something about how your followers should follow @zach_crest1st). That way, we know everyone that's following us and we'll in turn follow you! That simple!

And our new site makes it so easy! Just click on "Follow Us" on our home page and that will take you straight to our Twitter profile! That easy!

Look forward to seeing you guys in action in the next couple of weeks! Happy Holidays!

- Crest First Team

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