03 December 2010

2011 Jerseys Leaked: Houston and Seattle

Dynamo's 2011 Jersey
A leak is a PR person's worst nightmare. Not including the leak of the first 30 minutes of the newest Harry Potter movie, most leaks end up hurting the owner rather than helping. I guess with the release of a jersey though there isn't really all that much damage, people just get to see it before the official unveiling (December 7th for all those wondering).

My immediate thought? "Uhmmmm....cool?" I'm not a huge fan of holographics built in like those intertwining circles and stuff, but I know some people are into that kind of thing. My problem with this design however is that its really boring outside of the "circles". Its just an orange jersey with white lettering. Sure, the circles make the jersey. But since I don't really like them, I guess that means I don't really like that jersey. Oh well. They could be worse...like Lyon's 10/11 Away Kit.

What do you think about the Dynamo's new jersey? Like it? Hate it? What are some of the worst jerseys out there?

Update: Then, the next day, the Seattle Sounders new jerseys leaked too. I think they're pretty awesome, and I like the black away jersey more then the neon blue one this year. Check 'em out and let us know what you think.

Sounders 2011 Home Jersey

Sounders 2011 Away Jersey

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