04 December 2010

Friedel's Potential Future In the MLS

Friedel, American starting goalkeeper for Premier League side Aston Villa, turns 40 next year. Thats huge for a professional athlete. He's been playing for a Prem team for 10 years now (the Rovers before Villa) and he started 82 matches for the US Men's National Team, playing in three different World Cup tournaments. He currently holds the record for the most consecutive matches played in the Premier League at 245+ (as of 4 December 2010). Without a doubt, he's made a name for himself. So, when his talks over extending his contract failed and he told the Aston Villa leadership that he was willing to leave in January if they signed another shot-stopper, other teams started to eye this well-established player. Hometown MLS side Columbus Crew offered Friedel a player-manager position and that is starting to look pretty tempting.

Some fans of the American keep may think Villa is trying to get Friedel to leave, but a undisclosed source has this to say about Friedel leaving Aston Villa:

"Brad is a reasonable man who has had a great career...He knows he is 40 next year and the club need to get at least one new goalkeeper but he is not being forced out."

I think any big name from Europe moving to the MLS is a great thing, especially when that big name is an American. Nothing but good news if Friedel decides to come to the MLS.  Of course, it would make it that much harder to score on the Crew, but oh well. For the better of the league!

- Zach

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