23 December 2010

Does the MLS in Video Games Reflect the World's Opinion?

I have played wayyy to much of this game

I would like to think that many soccer fans out there, especially in Western Europe and the Americas, own or have at least played EA Sports' FIFA video games. I began playing FIFA 2009 when it came out, and I have to say that picking up a controller and playing as my favorite team and players (Barton crosses into the box, Carroll heads in! Classic.).

Many of you who have picked up this game might also know that the MLS sucks compared to other top flight leagues in the game. MLS players as individuals have crappy ratings, most are hugely underestimated I think. The only players with accurate ratings are huge name players like Donovan, Beckhem, Henry, and Angel. Most good MLS players have less than a 70 rating. I'm not writing this to whine about the MLS in video games. My question is this: does the video games ratings accurately portray the world's opinion of the MLS?

I, of course, think the MLS has progressed a lot in the past five years, especially in quality of play. Teams and players alike have consistently up the ante when it comes to the actual playing style on the field. But, whenever I get the chance to talk with soccer fans (or "football" fans for all the Euro-snobs out there) they consistently bash the MLS as a whole and then throw in a little comment about how we Americans aren't even real fans because we call it "soccer" and not "football".

Slight aside. Just for everyones information, the term "soccer" in use relating to the sport of association football began in England as an official term to call football by the Football Association when it first came together in 1863. It gained prominence in the US due to the fact we already had a sport called football, and was deemed the official term for the sport in 1974 when the United States Soccer Football Association became the United States Soccer Federation. So, not only is the official name of the game here in the states, it originated in England as an official term for it too. /rant

Now that thats out of the way, I'm still pretty bummed with the world's overall attitude towards the MLS. I can only hope that the MLS continues to grow and that the rest of the world gets over their prejudice of American soccer and will finally accept us a soccer nation.

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