24 March 2011

Ochocinco: Publicity Stunt or New Face of MLS?

If you're just as surprised to see that Chad Ochocinco is really trying out for Sporting Kansas City as me, then maybe this NFL not being around next year thing is really starting to mean something.

Now offered to play in a reserves match, this NFL star, who has often been seen with players such as C. Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, and David Beckham, has also taken some field goals for the Bengals.

It may be hard to see this move as anything more than a publicity stunt given this is the same player who changed his last name to a number in Spanish, but I honestly see Ochocinco being sincere in his dream of playing for Sporting.

Given their new look in the off-season and bringing in a couple of new names and faces, this would be another step in the transformation of Kansas City soccer. I also would like to see how (or at this stage, if) Ochocinco's time in the MLS will make him a better athlete.

The main focus of my interest in the Ochocinco saga is the way that it will be received if he does make the team and honestly wants to stay with them.

Maybe Ochocinco's quest for fame can be satiated with a call-up to the USMNT...?

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