08 December 2010

Transfer Rumors

So I know to most people, transfer rumors are just things of fiction that bloggers write about in hopes that players come to that team, but that is not my intention in writing this (although I do hope there are some players that do come to Liverpool!). Here are just a number of players who are being chased by the big clubs and with the list of teams in the order I think the player is currently considering or where I think he is most likely to go:

Eden Hazard (RW, Lille OSC)

At age 19, this Belgian international is not out of favor at Lille, but ratherseen as though his time to hit it big is now. Lets just not hope he ends up like Marouane Fellaini, however...

Where he could end up: Arsenal, Man U, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Tottenham, Chelsea,.
He is strongly linked to Arsenal, though I believe they have been ruled out because of a previous Arsene Wenger comment

Romelu Lukaku (ST, Anderlecht)

This 17 year old, is catching the eyes of all European scouts, though I have yet to see his worth in a tougher competition. A large transfer fee for such a young player is also a huge risk to take, confirming my belief that a team with a huge transfer wallet will most likely snatch him up.

Where he could end up: Real Madrid, Tottenham, Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal.
I know this is almost the same list of teams, but I don't think Chelsea will have much pull with this player, even if he wishes to take Drogba's role, were he to move back to Olympique Marseille soon.

Connor Wickham (ST, Ipswich Town)

Another 17 year old, this goal threat would be a valuable asset to any team looking to have a superstar on their roster, especially with the homegrown players rule now in place. With Ipswich set to face Arsenal in the Carling Cup Semi-Finals, and Wickham getting only 3 starts and 11 bench appearances with no goals this season, this is another player showing potential with no real bite yet.

Where he could end up: Liverpool, Arsenal.
These two teams are the only two seriously looking at the player, as Wenger has a legendary ability to work well with young players and Connor being quoted as saying his idol is Fernando Torres. I give my Reds the edge here though, as newly appointed Damien Comolli has been monitoring this player for some time. Comolli could add Wickham to the list that includes bringing flashy left-mid Gareth Bale to Tottenham.

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